30 Days of Hairy Fun and Festivities


January 27th, 2013 will begin the 5th annual event by calling all bearded and/or mustached individuals that might be interested in participating. Participating beards and/or mustaches will be a part of a team of five, and their pictures will be displayed on individual donation cans at select locations. So, if you can commit to having your picture displayed on a donation can to benefit an awesome foundation (I know, you think you’re not photogenic, but believe us... we think you’re adorable) then you are a perfect candidate. Plus, if your donation can (or your team of collection cans) collects the most donation money there will be wonderful prizes!

The event will take place over the month of March and will officially kick off the celebration of facial hair with a big party where all the donation cans will be available to browse and critique (my, that’s a nice handlebar mustache!). This is the perfect opportunity to rally all your friends and get a head start at making your way to one of the fabulous prizes!

Throughout the month there will be a plethora of beard related festivities at our voting locations. You don’t have to have a face full of fur to participate in any of the month long events, we love the follicular challenged as well and our main goal is a have a good time, celebrate facial hair and most importantly make a difference.

At the end of the month we close out the festival of facial hair with a big awards event where prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (based on donations collected in individual cans) as well as to best team (based on highest total collected in designated team of five cans). There will be live music performances and special surprizes all night long. Ladies will even have their moment to shine at The Bearded Lady Compeition held during the Awards Gala. Treehouse will be presented with the fruits of the Beard and Stache Fest (every last cent from the 100 donation cans), and we can all celebrate, dance, eat, drink, and generally revel in the facial hair that made it all possible!


Giving Foster kids a Childhood and a future

Treehouse is uniquely committed to improving the lives of our kids living in foster care.No other agency in our region responds to the needs of our foster children like Treehouse. Treehouse was founded to help foster kids just be kids. Since 1988, Treehouse has filled the gaps for kids in foster care, providing services that no other agency addresses: money for extra-curricular activities and summer camp, professional educational support services, resources to fully participate in the everyday activities of growing up, clothing and supplies to help them fit in at school. Treehouse is a 501 (c)(3) Organization. That means 100% of your gift is tax deductible.

Help us kick off the Beard & Stache Fest March 2013
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